Are the Cell Phone Cameras going to replace the Digital Cameras?

A person with good technical understanding and marketing skills may be able to answer.But what does a lay man think about it?Do we really need these high resolution Digital Cameras in our daily life?I guess NO.

And if we really need them , then better to go for the cell phones which are providing excellent quality cameras……thanks to Nokia N95(5 mp camera), Sony Ericsson K790i(3.2MP camera) and K850i(5 MP camera) and there are many more…and yet to come……

Drawing a comparison between these two won’t yield a good result,because both of them come with the same accessories like data cable,blue tooth,softwares,memory sticks,card readers etc. A cell phone camera with 5 mp resolution is not much different from a 5 mp digicam.Both are capable of clicking excellent pics.

So add a little to your budget and get a cell phone with camera instead of buying a digital camera.