A few days ago I got rid of my old Samsung C230 and switched to Sony Ericsson K750i।Though the phone is 2 yrs old in the market, yet it is a hot favourite among people.All these things are due to the fact that the phone packs excellent features within a reasonable price.Spend INR 8000 and get a 2MP camera, FM Tuner, MP3 Player, Video Recorder, Blue Tooth and Infrared connectivity…all these things packed in one phone………I could not ask more!

As claimed by Sony Ericsson the camera and the sound quality of the phone are superb and I also found them so।Besides the internal 38 MB memory the phone provides a 64 MB memory stick.The memory is also exapndable upto 2GB

The camera is simply awesome!!!The phone encourages you to shoot pics by holding the phone in a horizontal posture।You can shoot in small(160*120), medium(640*480) and large(1632*1224) picture sizesIt can be zoomed up to 8x when small size is selected।And also other features like night mode, white balance, macro mode, switch to video camera etc।But the most distinguished feature is the flash light which helps to take pics at night and the auto focus।
The phone looks more like a digicam rather than a phone.Slide the lens cover and the camera initiates.A white light emits from the camera sutter just after it, which makes it easy to find at night.
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