Love is Blind,love is Deaf too.Anything can happen in love.It’s so common to fall in love and marry.But what if your beloved
happens to be an accomplished wrestler? So what…….? You may ask…!!Are not the wrestlers human?….Ofcourse they are. But
what if you are in love with a female wrestler….Hey girls don’t take it otherwise….I’m not that type….. I swear..!! And perhaps
this time you are all set to drag me to court for questioning women Liberalization and on the charges of Human Right
Violation . OK , do as you wish , but I must complete this post .

Well,then you are in love , she is an accomplished wrestler and you a ……. OK , just leave this part , there is nothing to do with
your profession. So you got married and back from honeymoon.Now what your daily life will be like? Below are some possible consequences.

1) She will always be at the top position. Yeah , whether it is your everyday life or you are just making out on the bed , she will
always be at the top position. And you dare not ask why!

2) Never ever enter into an argument with her or there are chances of you falling flat on your back while someone counting 1 to
10 behind you.Well the referee may be one of your children if you are already over with that part.(the duty of a true home

3) Vegetables are not going to be an essential part of your diet , and if you happen to be a strict vegetarian, there are chances that
you will fall asleep with an empty stomach।

4) You are more likely to see dumbbells and punch bags instead of lipstick, body lotion and nail polish.

5) A time may come when you realize , that it would have been better to stay as a g_y rather than marrying a female
wrestler।(Well, I’m not that type) .

6) Everything is not bad either… need not be the body guard of your wife rather she would act as yours.

After reading this post if you have dropped the idea of marrying one of them , then I’ve accomplished something and those of
you guys who are planning to marry a lady wrestler , Best Of Luck for your future .