With almost 1 and a half years stay in Delhi , my mode of thinking and behaviour has been largely influenced by the capital city.Delhi always leaves an imprint of its clean and wide roads , abundantly available greenery and ofcourse the sexy chicks that are always ready to expose.

But the things which have always disturbed me are the private bus service and the foul mouthed bus conductors of Delhi.The bus service is good , though I can’t say it the best.You don’t have to wait for a long time till you find a bus to pick up.But the problem starts once you ride one of them.

Most of the bus conductors here are illiterate and mannerless.If you ever enter into an argument with them , you will be robbed of your dignity.

Let alone the conductors, let’s come to the bus drivers.I apprehend most of them are unaware of the term “Safe Driving”. And this carelessness has been the cause of death of many innocent people.Everyday someone dies under the tyres of a Blue Line.

The Traffic Department and Govt. though implementing stringent traffic rules have not yet been successful in curbing down the casualities caused by Blue Lines.They have virtually become death trap for people.