1. How do you deploy ASP.NET applications?
1. XCOPY Deployment
2. Using the Copy Project option in VS .NET
3. Deployment using VS.NET installer

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2. What are the validation controls in .NET?

3. How do you use COM components in your application?

Ans: Use Temp Libarary Import that is tlbimp.

4. What is Delay Signing?

Ans: Delay signing is the process of signing an assembly during development with a strong name to prevent it from being tampered.

Type sn.exe -k “c:\somekey.snk” in command prompt.

To turn off verification of the assembly

sn -Vr assemblyName.dll where -Vr is an option.

In the end, while giving the key to your client, they may use the following command to convert the Delayed Assembly to a Full Strong Named Assembly

sn -R assemblyname.dll strongKey.snk where strongKey.snk is a strongly named key.

5. What is GAC?

6. What is the diffrerence between Private and Shared Assembly?

7. What is state management?

8. What are cookies?

9. What is a viewstate?

10. Can you describe ASP.NET page life cycle?

11. What is Global.asax used for?

12. How do you catch errors in your application?

13. What is Exception Handling?

14. What is garbage collection?

15. Describe the generations of garbage collection?

16. What is the difference between Dispose() and Finalize()?

17. What is n-tier architecture?

18. What is the diffrence between DataSet and DataReader?

19. Does ASP.NET application queries back to the database while we navigate through the pages of a DataGrid?

20. What is AutoEventWireUp?

21. What are the differences between ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0?What problems did you face while converting your applications from older to newer version?

22. What are Generics?

23. What are Delegates?

24. What do you mean by Application Domains in .NET?

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