Finally, Ramgopal Verma’s “Phoonk” is out. Like most of his films he has relied on lesser known artists and tried to get the best out of them in this film.

This film can be called a desi version of “The Exorcist”, but doesn’t create the fear factor as much the english film does. Though it is a genuine attempt to direct a supernatural movie like this, still then the audience fails to understand the unwanted scenes which are used to create fear.

Half of the movie is wasted on scenes showing a crow, ugly gold plated statues of monkeys and last but not the least the unwanted dream sequences of three protagonists, which din’t seem to have any relation with the story and seemed totally absurd to me.

Till now I don’t understand why Indian movie directors fail to think beyond “NIMBU, HADDI, SINDUR and KAALA JAADU”. The movie RAAZ was far better.

And it would not be wise to compare Phoonk with The Exorcist. Because 35 years ago William Friedkin was quite clear about the plot of the movie and displayed what he wanted. I really enjoyed the humour in the words of the Devil in the body of the girl.

The conversation of Devil with the priest was so tricky and horrendous that it chills your spine! The way Devil mixes truth with lies and takes control of the mind of the priests is worth watching. A major portion of the film is spent on the act of Exorcism where as in Verma’s film it is so short that it finishes when you are longing for more.

The only joke of the film, though nobdy will laugh at this as it is told in a tensed environment was the comparison of Crocin with God.

I think, finally we have a director, who through his films (aka Crocin-God Theory), can make Real Atheists into Confirmed Believers.