As I’m writing this blog now, there is a live telecast going now in Aastha channel. And this program has been arranged in celebration of Birth Day of Devki Nandan Thakur Ji Maharaj. This saint as per his words, has been receiving gifts from his followers since morning and now as I watch he has already been adorned with almost half quintal of flowers and much more to come yet.

This 30 year old person has no formal education, he has learnt Shrimad Bhagwat Katha from his Guru and now he uses Sanskrit scriptures to teach his followers.

With a clean shaved look, long locks and Costly dresses, he comes nowhere close to a saint but enjoys a huge fan following.

I wonder what is there in people like these which drives a common man towards them, why people spend so much of their hard earned money after these so called Babas and Thakurs?

Well I’m not against all spiritual leaders but how many of them are really concerned about common men? There are a very few of saints like Baba Ramdev who not only thinks about mankind but also does things which make a person live a life free from physical and mental sufferings.

Is there no end to Vyakti Puja(worshipping a person) in India?

Why all these saints go missing when people suffer from flood, earth quake and cyclone?

These people are leeches in society who suck from innocent people and live a luxurious life.

Foolish are those people who rely on them and get carried away with their words. There comes thend of all worships. When people do not come closer to the Almighty, they come closer to these people and are looted by them.