Since time immemorial I’ve been subjected to many bad things,I’ve been doing not so good jobs. Initially I din’t mind, but now it is enough. In an era where people depend on machines for everything,
why should I suffer, why should I do all those things which my counterpart has not done atleast for once? Well, I’m very happy for people like Amitabh, Sachin and Bill Clinton for they have not neglected me.
Are you people getting an idea about me? I’m your left hand. You people have not used me in a proper way. It may not be your fault. It may be your cerebrum, your parents, the society but, atleast try to
understand my concerns! You know, I’ve been asking God about my very existence since Adam ate that forbidden apple on Eve’s persuation! But I’ve not yet got any answer. I’m  suffering the most in the Indian subcontinent.
All my services have gone in vain.

Don’t you think it is a physical and mental torture to me? Why would I be forced to touch all those nasty things, which you would never use your right hand for?
I need an explanation.