“Jeena yahan Marnaa yahan, Iske siva Jaana kahan”, the song written by an ailing Shailendra on his death bed, requested by Raaj Kapoor long before ‘Mera Naam Joker’ was made, could not have been rendered in a more beautiful and meaningful way, had it been written with some of the sophisticated words. It was Shailendra’s last song which became one of the best philosophical songs we ever had till date.

The song says, the heaven and hell both are here. We have to face the consequences right here at some point of time. A fetus in the womb of a mother unknowingly undergoes all those things that have been described as the hell. The unborn child feeds, drinks, defecates and vomits right there before it comes out. The day it comes out it learns a new thing, sees a new light and have a new experience.

Some philosophers have described the whole life process as a birth and rebirth session. Each and every individual in a way, is encased in a large cocoon which has many layers. Whenever we learn something, we break one layer, see a new ray of light and proceed towards a greater light source. A more knowledgeable person is born, and the process continues further.

Now, imagine a train running through a long tunnel with no lights, and the only hope is to get out of it as soon as possible. An accident occurs at the mean time, people become helpless, they can’t even come out of the train, unable to know whether their kith and kins are safe, as it is dark. Most die, some injured, few unhurt.

Now, did they break any layer of the cocoon? Yes, everybody did it! But how? What about those who lost their lives? Friends,what we forget is that our ancestors, mythologies and legends have described the Almighty as the ultimate source of light! We always look for coming out of the shell and take the ultimate birth but, the day we break the last layer, we embrace the death!

Isn’t it an irony? No, it is the life process which we are not able to understand with the limited scope of our mind, as I said we are living inside a cocoon, and we have not yet broken that layer of the cocoon where we would get the desired answer. The day we get the answer, it would be the greatest day of our life and the greatest knowledge ever imparted to us by ourselves.