Pick up a 19-20 year old boy(irrespective of his family background, education, looks) and ask him the greatest problem he is facing now-a-days. The answer, most probably will be how the ex-boy friend of his ex-ex-girl friend is eying on his current girlfriend, or how he has morphed the picture(basically the head) of the lady class teacher with Pamela Anderson’s body and the teacher has come to know about this. The list is endless. The Generation Y is having an edge over its predecessors. I think it should be Y+.

Now, don’t be surprised with the title of the topic. I am gonna share with you some of my experiences when I was a 20 year old. It was 31st December 2004. I was on a journey from Bangalore to Mumbai along with my batch mates. We were 30 in number. Due to some problem regarding the seating arrangement in the train, we had to cancel the tickets and decided to go in a bus. I was in the middle seat in some row, Junaid right to me and Bipul at left. We left the hotel at 7 pm.

Scene 1:

Junaid: Hey Prasan, how do I look, I mean, am I looking good with this jacket ?

(Junaid has just bought a cheap denim jacket from Majestic, which later found out to be undersized for him and he has already lost two buttons while trying to put it on. )

Prasan: Oh, dear friend you always look good.(Now, Prasan is a boy who never breaks a heart, especially if it’s a friend.)

Junaid: Well, mmmmmm……eh…..aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Prasan: You wanna say something?

Junaid: Yah…..is it ok if I propose Dolly? What do you think?

Prasan: Dolly, ……hain….I din’t get you! I mean, I beg your pardon but, I thought you are after Sunita?

Junaid: Have you gone mad? I was never after that palm tree! Dolly, I think is just perfect for me.

Prasan: OK, nice! if you think so, go ahead, give your best shot.

Junaid:Thanks yaar, but before I take the leap, let me ask Karan. Who knows, if he has some medicine for me!

Junaid goes to sit near Karan. Now, Karan is a boy who is more or less similar to the character played by Yash Tonk in the movie “Ishq Vishq”. He plays the role of a catalyst in each and every love reaction, whereas his own love life is in a doom.

Scene 2:

It’s 9 pm. The bus has just halted so that we can have dinner. I asked Bipul to come with me, but he seemed to be a little upset. Thinking that he would come later, I go down and have my dinner. After 30 mins, I go into the bus and find Bipul still seated there. He is not willing to talk to me. So I ask other friends to do something. A little later he is pulled out of the bus to have his dinner.

Scene 3:

Now, it’s 12.30 am. I had a little nap. Suddenly, I heared somebody sobbing and to my surprise, it was Bipul. He has hugged a teddy bear to his chest and is siting like the stump of a recently cut banyan tree. Now, I get curious about him.Well, the situation can be best described as the Mandakini of “Ram Teri Ganga Maili” trying to feed her son in a train. I think most of you can relate it.(I don’t know why I always end up comparing it with a movie scene whenever I find a peculiar situation!)

Prasan: Are you crying, Bipul?

Bipul(Wiping his tears): No.

Prasan: Tell me the truth. What’s the problem?

Bipul: Ohh God! Prasan, all my dreams have been shattered. Did you see Sunita with that guy, in the corridor?

Prasan: Oh yah, they are close friends. I know that guy. He is staying in Bangalore now a days.

Bipul: Noooo! Sunita had lunch with him. She also got a gift from him!

Prasan: But, why are you crying(I know the reason, but I’m trying to tease him)?

Bipul: Don’t you know, I love Sunita?

Prasan: Ha ha ha ha….you…….you love that palm tree!!!!!!! She is 2 inches taller than you, man!

Bipul: No, she is actually of my height. She looks taller only when she wears those high heel shoes.

Prasan: Ok, now what you wanna do?

Bipul: What can I do when she has got engaged with that guy?

Prasan: Hey, nothing happened. You can still pursue her.

My words have no effect on him. He goes on shedding tears. By 5 am, I find the left half of my shirt fully drenched with saline water. What really happened is, he has rested his head on my shoulder all through the night and has taken every possible measure to wet me with both tear and saliva.

Scene 4:

5:30 am. Bus halts near a public wash room for a while, so that we can get refreshed. Now, while boarding the bus again I saw something which is described below.

Karan has his right hand on the left chest of Junaid. In his left hand he is holding a wrist watch and he is counting Junaid’s heartbeat.

Karan: Oh my goodness! It’s beating fast. It seems you din’t sleep well last night.

Junaid: Oh it’s true! Tell me the no.

Karan: It’s 98…you better take it as 100.

Junaid: I’m nervous! I think I won’t be able to do it.

Karan: You can…..my friend….Just be confident and tell her.

So I got the clue that Junaid is going to propose Dolly.

Both Junaid and Bipul proposed Dolly and Sunita respectively, and got the same response. Both were rejected. Now, don’t ask me why? After all those were a kind of psychos.

Now what about the “Teesra Bimaar”? . You remember the guy who had lunch with Sunita? That one! Except some of his meetings with me in Cuttack where I was studying, he was always out of focus.

Sunita and Dolly got married 2 years back. Sunita, I got to hear, is now settled in US and has become the mother of a cute boy and Dolly is somewhere in Hyderabad.

Junaid, Karan and Bipul have got decent jobs and the fictious person who was trying to morph the picture of the class teacher with Pamela Anderson’s body has landed up in ISME, Bangalore.

PS: Based on a true story. 4.39% manipulation with the facts so as to hide the character names. Don’t be surprised with the percentage mentioned, because MBA students always need to be perfect.