An unknown author once said, “Love is the child of Illusion and the parent of Disillusion.”

Well, the sentence itself seems to be a depressing one. But the more depressing part for a failed lover is that, every frustrated lover in this world is not a great literary, who can coin a one-liner quote and get rid of frustration. Love is like a sea, you are either in it or out of it. There is no in between. That is the reason, why people feel like a fish out of water when rejected.

Love is as old as the universe itself. To be wise enough, God created the universe as he wanted to have some fun(like a child who loves his toys),He put some poor little creature on a small round planet called as earth and let them loose. In due course of time, there was evolution and a screwed up animal was produced who wanted something more than food and shelter. You know, which animal I’m talking about. Ofcourse it is man. The so called human, who has generated innumerous no. of emotions, that he can handle. And out of those emotions, man found the twin brother of LOVE, the INFATUATION. I say they are twins, because there is a thin line between Love and Infatuation, which is hard to distinguish. And it is almost impossible to distinguish for a person who is infatuated and mistakes it for love.

So, is there any way to distinguish between Love and Infatuation? Yes ofcourse! But the way is not visible to the infatuated person, because he/she doesn’t like to accept the truth. I must put an example.

Take for instance, a 14 year old boy begins liking the girl next door, who is 20 years old. For the boy, it is love, but for the girl(if she is proposed) it would be understood as infatuation. Infatuation generates from curiosity. The curiosity to explore, understand, touch and feel the sensation. This is more biological than emotional. There is no commitment involved here. There is no logic, why a person gets infatuated. Infatuation is more in young age which gradually fades out with time and the Gen-Y has found a new word to describe it, “A Crush”.

But, it doesn’t mean that older people don’t get infatuated, but the cases are rare. There are instances where, infatuation culminates in love. The reason behind this is as a person grows old, his psychology, emotions and personality also grow to be mature. But somewhere in his mind the infatuation persists, which always look for a special attention. If it is nurtured further and given a proper direction it grows to be more rational and logical.

(Watch the movies “Malena” and “American Beauty” to have a better picture of infatuation in young and old age.)

Infatuation is like a fruit, half ripened. If the fruit gets the special care and attention from the farmer, it ripens and can be consumed. But, if it is neglected, it goes waste.

When love demands total sacrifice and devotion, infatuation has its base on physical attraction and fulfillment of desires.

And finally I would like to mention a beautiful poem by Oscar Hammerstein.

A bell is no bell ’til you ring it,
A song is no song ’til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn’t put there to stay –
Love isn’t love
‘Til you give it away.