You come, smile and go,
I get a reason to cheer up.
You neither talk to me nor do you give a look
But I long to see you over and over again
Coz your smile makes my day.

I don’t like the tint of your specs
As they hide your beautiful eyes, I wish
I could hold your face in my hands and ask
Are you the same who I always cherished in my unfazed memory.
I know, You will never get a hint of these feelings, coz
I will not let you know, but I still wake up every morning with a hope
Coz your smile makes my day.

Nights are lonely now, days are no better
Pricked by a thousand thorns every moment,
I look for succor.
Will I be able to overcome this yearning
Which kills me now and then.
Why can’t I express my mind, why can’t I come over
Why I always end up with a solitude
And ask myself to do me a favor
The best idea would be to kneel down before you
With a rose in my hand,
And convey
That your smile makes my day.