It gives me a sense of pleasure as I’m completing 2 long years of blogging. Started at Delhi just for passing time, I never hoped to last long in this sphere. Never expected any comments, never ever tried to popularize it. But, I’m happy that I have sticked to something that I can say of my own. Blogging was not really my cup of tea, until I got inspired by one of my good friends Debashish who I will always remember for his exceptional writing skills and technical knowledge. He was the one who introduced me to blogging.  The blog has also been a source of inspiration.

Sometimes I run out of idea and sometimes they appear as if a cool breeze of air has just blown over my head. I have tried to choose topics randomly not confining myself to a particular thing and simultaneously being unbiased to what society speaks on an incident. If I had to put it blunt I’ve done it. I’ve thought and rethought upon simple matters like a chewing gum almost loosing its sweetness and tasting bitter under your molar. Sometimes got bored, sometimes excited.

Today I write more seriously, more cautiously coz I’ve found some readers. Hope to continue till my eyes recognize the keys on my laptop and my hands don’t freeze due to aging.

A very very happy and prosperous CHRISTMAS to all my friends and my esteemed readers who have wasted their precious time to have a look at this page.