Once a friend asked me, “How do you always manage to put a smile on your face?” I jokingly answered, “I keep on smiling on the last joke cracked and when the smile is about to fade somebody else cracks another”. You know, it is not hard to put a smile on your face. If you always make a poker face, everybody around you will make a wrong judgment about you and probably go away from you. There is no dearth of reasons for a smile. Be happy that you are in a better condition than people who are living on footpath. Be happy that you are born as human and have got a mind to make your life better.

Many times I watch people loosing temper over petty issues without even being bothered about what the person before them will think of. By behaving this way we only make our lives difficult. We make innumerable mistakes in our lives, some of them we repent over, some we forget, get angry with our near and dear ones a million times and while doing these we forget to bring the best expression on our face “a smile”.

Just think for a moment. There are so many animals in this world. How many can express their happiness by smiling. Ofcourse, you can readily say that animals of the same species can read each others expression. But don’t we know, the expression that animals can display at the  most is aggressiveness. That is the reason why we depict cruel, rude and aggressive persons as animals. But, do we ever compare a smiling person with any animal? Not at all, because a smile on the face of a person is so unique an expression to be compared.

When we smile, the world around us also smiles. So, let’s use the unique gift of God to makind and smile always.