For the first time ever, I’m going to right about a person who has knowingly or unknowingly made a difference in my life. With an association with her which would not go beyond 120 hours if put together (of which I would have missed 10 odd hours), she has really left an impact on me. To be clear enough, I’m talking about Professor Preeja Sreedhar. Tomorrow, she will be taking her last class that our batch would have and I’m not happy about that. I would love to be taught by her for a longer period. The way she has taught us is just awesome. This batch of ISME, as spoken by the ISME faculties is one of its kinds. The students are unruly, undisciplined, need to grow up and blah blah……. But how does everybody just sit composed and suddenly become attentive in her class? Sounds a bit odd, but its true! The reason why students forget to create disturbance in her class can’t be attributed to any wizardry, it is her sheer teaching method which motivates us to remain calm.

I’m simply impressed by the way she has differentiated herself from other professors. For the very first time I found a teacher admitting the loopholes in our educational system. In her own words, the teachers don’t take the credit, if a student scores exceptionally, whereas they should take the responsibility, if a number of students fail in a class. It is not the student which fails, but the system. She is perhaps the only teacher who has tried to channelize the unused potential of students to generate some good results. She is the one who motivated students to add some values to their lives.

The study of HR is about the study of some ornamental words, I had this notion till she took up the subject. Now, I love the subject very much. It is hard to see a teacher having such tremendous mass appeal. The best achievement for a teacher I believe is invoking the interest of the students in the subject one teaches and I feel she has been successful in doing that (ofcourse that is my personal opinion).

Personally, I have not talked to her very much apart from a few occasions like asking her help for some research paper or trying to help her regain the password of her blogger account. On one such occasion, she had asked me to reset the password of her blogger account and fortunately I was able to do that. She thanked me for that and I as usual acting like a moron shook my head with a smile that hardly deciphered a meaning. She continued thanking me till I responded properly. After hearing “Thank You Prasan” from her for the third time that I realized, I was committing a terrible mistake and then I answered with “Welcome Maam”. And perhaps this was an attempt on her part to infuse some good manners in me.

I would really thank her for the effort she made to impart knowledge in us. And I also pray, she continues benefitting students by her unique method of teaching. I hope most of my friends agree with me. Now as the 3rd term ends and the 4th term starts we can only say, that “We will miss you Maam”.