Albert Einstein had once said that the Universe is expanding. It’s expanding since its creation. After each and every big bang a new world is created, new things happen which we, in our limited scope of mind may not be able to think of. Some scientific thinkers even believe that there exist many other worlds apart from ours. But I believe there are worlds within worlds, unperturbed, undisturbed and without being interfered by any other extraneous force just like the world where I live. It’s been a long day and I really need to come out as night is approaching. Oh….dint I tell you about myself? I, Mr. Khatmal along with my large family live in the world beneath the pillow of a person staying in the room no. F3B of ISME boys’ hostel. He calls himself Prasanna ( you now start wondering, is it really possible for a bed bug to write in such a beautiful manner and that too in English, plz excuse me for all my grammatical mistakes). But you know, living with this fellow has got its advantages.

I have this 18 sq. Ft. estate where I was born, brought up and run all my nocturnal activities today. This is not the only estate I own, as some of my ancestral properties also exist in different floors of this building. Within a very short period of time, I’ve successfully multiplied my species resulting in nightmares for the inmates. They have tried every possible measure to get rid of us, but here we are, undefeated and unbeaten.

Now, the character Prasanna is one of the laziest persons I have ever came across. Frankly speaking, I’m trying to be a little diplomatic while declaring this. In fact I’ve never seen anybody other than him and his roommate. These two fellows compete with each other for being the late riser. And I must say that his roommate always surpasses him. Prasanna has been quite generous with us. Apart from two occasions when he tried to sprinkle some chemical liquid on us, there has been no untoward incident from his side. We enjoy a very harmonious relationship after a series of bilateral talk that continued throughout the winter season. He promised not to disturb us, and our community promised not to draw more than 500 ml. of blood every month. But sometimes I see the bitterness regarding the agreement in his eyes in early mornings when he desperately scratches the rashes created by my family members on his body.

I still remember the day when we had a really bloody battle in my estate. He along with some of his stupid friends tried to sprinkle Khatnil and Kerosene on us. Many of my brave sons and soldiers died a martyr’s death. But somehow I survived. And today what you see is the result of a carefully carved out strategy which forced him to retreat and compromise with us. Today, I see a book on “Strategy Management” on his table after he came to realize that behind every successful venture there is a rock solid strategy. (I hope he doesn’t ask me to teach him this subject). My strategy was to reproduce as quickly as possible, so I chose his cup board as the next best option after his bed. While he was busy with his Khatnil operation, I along with some of my wives crawled through the narrowest path possible to reach his cup board. He could not notice us and that’s the biggest mistake he did. However I have forgiven him after we had this agreement as he has been my only bread and butter…..oops…….sorry blood supplier.
Today, I have my organization which solely works on how to stop humans from attacking us. The newly formed organization has effectively carried out its operations in different floors and I see a bright future ahead.

Tonight, some of my major blood suckers and me are going to visit the room right above F3B. My cousin lives there and he is having some sort of difficulties adjusting with the changing infrastructure (I heard the inmates have taken beds out of their room and have decided to sleep on the floor).
Ok, my troop is ready now and I must leave. See you later.