Have you ever felt that you have everything to be successful but still some unknown force is obstructing your path? You might be the jewel in the crown but you still lose out to a jackass!! Well that’s not your fault exactly. What pulls you down here is not what you have been taught to do and you are not doing it, rather the thing you have not learnt from the society. Biasing, it is so called can play a major role in deciding the major goals you want to achieve in your life.

You can use almost everything to bias a person. You just need to know the weakness. OK, let’s try this way! Tell me about some body parts which always need to be pampered. No idea……!!! OK, let’s make it simple……..!!! These are our senses. How many of us would deny that they don’t like appreciation, ears play a major role here. Won’t you like to catch a glimpse of the girl bending 60 degree before you? How many times have you been bowled over by the killing smile that girl gives? Boys also do it effectively!! The list goes on. But the innocents suffer here.

Be it a college or a work place, biasing always creates bitterness among people. Sometimes you feel like cracking one or two heads, but the only option you are left with is your inability to do so. Biasing in colleges creates demotivated students, exaggerated brilliancy and eventually a bad reputation. In work places the situation is not better either. Here the major role player is your locality(and specifically if it is India, where religion comes before productivity.)

I have been frustrated because of the hiring policies of various companies. How does a company go for mass recruitment in some colleges just by looking at the face of the candidates and how the same company becomes so indifferent towards people coming through walk ins? The nexus between certain colleges and companies needs to be broken so that worthy people get in to right places.