Hybridization seems to be the future, I mean you won’t find a thing which has not been hybridized yet. To be a little elaborate we have hybrid fruits and vegetables, vehicles, furniture, animals(even bacteria and virus). ‘Duniyan me aisa koi cheez hi nahin bana jiska HYBRID nahin ban sakta!’. BTW, have you heard about Religion Hybrids, doesn’t seem familiar eh? We all know, how Sikhism started, however it has got its own ideologies extracted from Hinduism and Islam. And with all respect Sikhism is a full fledged religion. But my point of reference is about those who are generally converts and yet have not fully overcome the customs of their previous religion.

A Catholic smearing Sindur on her forehead when inquired by me answers ‘we generally do it in our family’. I would like to question that one person who first changed his religion,’Beta dharam badalne ka idea tere dimaag me kisne dala tha?’. I really appreciated the scene in the movie ‘Namaste London’ where Akshay Kumar’s character confronts Upen Patel’s.

I have never been religious in my life, rather my belief on God has been more or less agnostic. But I can’t stand hypocrisy. When you change a life long belief, you just prove your ancestors fools and you simultaneously disprove your existence. Man’s belief on religion has been biased more by circumstances rather than understanding. If in any country a person has changed his/her religion then it would have happened because of some basic necessities. Anybody from an affluent back ground doing this is either a prophet or a religious fool.

The cases of tribals converting to Christianity by missionaries and then brought back to Hinduism by Pundits seem to be absolutely hilarious(Mere samajh me hi nahin ataa kya badalte hain aur kaise badalte hain). But just imagine the day when there would be no Hindu on the earth. Just think, what would be its consequences? Will a person from other religion read Gita, Bhawat, Upanishad? How many people would think about Rama and Krishna’s ideologies, more over what will happen to our literature? They will be extinct just like dinosaurs! How many of us have inter-religion understanding? How many Hindus read the holy Quran and the Bible and vice versa? Time to think, right???

Religion is above all human things, you can leave your body but not your religion. It’s not your old clothes that you change as per your convenience. A religion is irrespective of you getting burnt or buried.

P.S.:The writer bears no offense towards any religion, and every word that has been written in the article is only to exemplify the motive.