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Blogging and something else

It gives me a sense of pleasure as I’m completing 2 long years of blogging. Started at Delhi just for passing time, I never hoped to last long in this sphere. Never expected any comments, never ever tried to popularize it. But, I’m happy that I have sticked to something that I can say of my own. Blogging was not really my cup of tea, until I got inspired by one of my good friends Debashish who I will always remember for his exceptional writing skills and technical knowledge. He was the one who introduced me to blogging.  The blog has also been a source of inspiration.

Sometimes I run out of idea and sometimes they appear as if a cool breeze of air has just blown over my head. I have tried to choose topics randomly not confining myself to a particular thing and simultaneously being unbiased to what society speaks on an incident. If I had to put it blunt I’ve done it. I’ve thought and rethought upon simple matters like a chewing gum almost loosing its sweetness and tasting bitter under your molar. Sometimes got bored, sometimes excited.

Today I write more seriously, more cautiously coz I’ve found some readers. Hope to continue till my eyes recognize the keys on my laptop and my hands don’t freeze due to aging.

A very very happy and prosperous CHRISTMAS to all my friends and my esteemed readers who have wasted their precious time to have a look at this page.


Global Anti-Piracy Day

Microsoft declared today as the Global Anti-Piracy Day. But does it really matter? Software pirates have left nothing and possibly Microsoft is the most suffered one in their hands. Piracy is not a concept of current time as we are well accustomed to it since the time we started learning computers. In each and every field pirates have laid their hands may it be entertainment or software or simply books.

Software piracy still continues inspite of the actions taken by Government and companies. They are the worst enemies of software makers and the best friends of common men. Nobody likes to pay a hefty sum for a software that is likely to change or be replaced by a new one within a short span of time. So everybody is keen to get it free.

As long as softwares are not cost effective nobody will care to buy them.

Piracy in entertainment industry is also one of the most talked about things. Get a broadband connection and enjoy movies at your home on the dates of their release itself.

This day will only be remembered as a good question by the quizzers.