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Religion Hybrids

Hybridization seems to be the future, I mean you won’t find a thing which has not been hybridized yet. To be a little elaborate we have hybrid fruits and vegetables, vehicles, furniture, animals(even bacteria and virus). ‘Duniyan me aisa koi cheez hi nahin bana jiska HYBRID nahin ban sakta!’. BTW, have you heard about Religion Hybrids, doesn’t seem familiar eh? We all know, how Sikhism started, however it has got its own ideologies extracted from Hinduism and Islam. And with all respect Sikhism is a full fledged religion. But my point of reference is about those who are generally converts and yet have not fully overcome the customs of their previous religion.

A Catholic smearing Sindur on her forehead when inquired by me answers ‘we generally do it in our family’. I would like to question that one person who first changed his religion,’Beta dharam badalne ka idea tere dimaag me kisne dala tha?’. I really appreciated the scene in the movie ‘Namaste London’ where Akshay Kumar’s character confronts Upen Patel’s.

I have never been religious in my life, rather my belief on God has been more or less agnostic. But I can’t stand hypocrisy. When you change a life long belief, you just prove your ancestors fools and you simultaneously disprove your existence. Man’s belief on religion has been biased more by circumstances rather than understanding. If in any country a person has changed his/her religion then it would have happened because of some basic necessities. Anybody from an affluent back ground doing this is either a prophet or a religious fool.

The cases of tribals converting to Christianity by missionaries and then brought back to Hinduism by Pundits seem to be absolutely hilarious(Mere samajh me hi nahin ataa kya badalte hain aur kaise badalte hain). But just imagine the day when there would be no Hindu on the earth. Just think, what would be its consequences? Will a person from other religion read Gita, Bhawat, Upanishad? How many people would think about Rama and Krishna’s ideologies, more over what will happen to our literature? They will be extinct just like dinosaurs! How many of us have inter-religion understanding? How many Hindus read the holy Quran and the Bible and vice versa? Time to think, right???

Religion is above all human things, you can leave your body but not your religion. It’s not your old clothes that you change as per your convenience. A religion is irrespective of you getting burnt or buried.

P.S.:The writer bears no offense towards any religion, and every word that has been written in the article is only to exemplify the motive.


The power of biasing

Have you ever felt that you have everything to be successful but still some unknown force is obstructing your path? You might be the jewel in the crown but you still lose out to a jackass!! Well that’s not your fault exactly. What pulls you down here is not what you have been taught to do and you are not doing it, rather the thing you have not learnt from the society. Biasing, it is so called can play a major role in deciding the major goals you want to achieve in your life.

You can use almost everything to bias a person. You just need to know the weakness. OK, let’s try this way! Tell me about some body parts which always need to be pampered. No idea……!!! OK, let’s make it simple……..!!! These are our senses. How many of us would deny that they don’t like appreciation, ears play a major role here. Won’t you like to catch a glimpse of the girl bending 60 degree before you? How many times have you been bowled over by the killing smile that girl gives? Boys also do it effectively!! The list goes on. But the innocents suffer here.

Be it a college or a work place, biasing always creates bitterness among people. Sometimes you feel like cracking one or two heads, but the only option you are left with is your inability to do so. Biasing in colleges creates demotivated students, exaggerated brilliancy and eventually a bad reputation. In work places the situation is not better either. Here the major role player is your locality(and specifically if it is India, where religion comes before productivity.)

I have been frustrated because of the hiring policies of various companies. How does a company go for mass recruitment in some colleges just by looking at the face of the candidates and how the same company becomes so indifferent towards people coming through walk ins? The nexus between certain colleges and companies needs to be broken so that worthy people get in to right places.

We will miss you Maam

For the first time ever, I’m going to right about a person who has knowingly or unknowingly made a difference in my life. With an association with her which would not go beyond 120 hours if put together (of which I would have missed 10 odd hours), she has really left an impact on me. To be clear enough, I’m talking about Professor Preeja Sreedhar. Tomorrow, she will be taking her last class that our batch would have and I’m not happy about that. I would love to be taught by her for a longer period. The way she has taught us is just awesome. This batch of ISME, as spoken by the ISME faculties is one of its kinds. The students are unruly, undisciplined, need to grow up and blah blah……. But how does everybody just sit composed and suddenly become attentive in her class? Sounds a bit odd, but its true! The reason why students forget to create disturbance in her class can’t be attributed to any wizardry, it is her sheer teaching method which motivates us to remain calm.

I’m simply impressed by the way she has differentiated herself from other professors. For the very first time I found a teacher admitting the loopholes in our educational system. In her own words, the teachers don’t take the credit, if a student scores exceptionally, whereas they should take the responsibility, if a number of students fail in a class. It is not the student which fails, but the system. She is perhaps the only teacher who has tried to channelize the unused potential of students to generate some good results. She is the one who motivated students to add some values to their lives.

The study of HR is about the study of some ornamental words, I had this notion till she took up the subject. Now, I love the subject very much. It is hard to see a teacher having such tremendous mass appeal. The best achievement for a teacher I believe is invoking the interest of the students in the subject one teaches and I feel she has been successful in doing that (ofcourse that is my personal opinion).

Personally, I have not talked to her very much apart from a few occasions like asking her help for some research paper or trying to help her regain the password of her blogger account. On one such occasion, she had asked me to reset the password of her blogger account and fortunately I was able to do that. She thanked me for that and I as usual acting like a moron shook my head with a smile that hardly deciphered a meaning. She continued thanking me till I responded properly. After hearing “Thank You Prasan” from her for the third time that I realized, I was committing a terrible mistake and then I answered with “Welcome Maam”. And perhaps this was an attempt on her part to infuse some good manners in me.

I would really thank her for the effort she made to impart knowledge in us. And I also pray, she continues benefitting students by her unique method of teaching. I hope most of my friends agree with me. Now as the 3rd term ends and the 4th term starts we can only say, that “We will miss you Maam”.

1000 reasons to smile

Once a friend asked me, “How do you always manage to put a smile on your face?” I jokingly answered, “I keep on smiling on the last joke cracked and when the smile is about to fade somebody else cracks another”. You know, it is not hard to put a smile on your face. If you always make a poker face, everybody around you will make a wrong judgment about you and probably go away from you. There is no dearth of reasons for a smile. Be happy that you are in a better condition than people who are living on footpath. Be happy that you are born as human and have got a mind to make your life better.

Many times I watch people loosing temper over petty issues without even being bothered about what the person before them will think of. By behaving this way we only make our lives difficult. We make innumerable mistakes in our lives, some of them we repent over, some we forget, get angry with our near and dear ones a million times and while doing these we forget to bring the best expression on our face “a smile”.

Just think for a moment. There are so many animals in this world. How many can express their happiness by smiling. Ofcourse, you can readily say that animals of the same species can read each others expression. But don’t we know, the expression that animals can display at the  most is aggressiveness. That is the reason why we depict cruel, rude and aggressive persons as animals. But, do we ever compare a smiling person with any animal? Not at all, because a smile on the face of a person is so unique an expression to be compared.

When we smile, the world around us also smiles. So, let’s use the unique gift of God to makind and smile always.

The thin line between Love and Infatuation

An unknown author once said, “Love is the child of Illusion and the parent of Disillusion.”

Well, the sentence itself seems to be a depressing one. But the more depressing part for a failed lover is that, every frustrated lover in this world is not a great literary, who can coin a one-liner quote and get rid of frustration. Love is like a sea, you are either in it or out of it. There is no in between. That is the reason, why people feel like a fish out of water when rejected.

Love is as old as the universe itself. To be wise enough, God created the universe as he wanted to have some fun(like a child who loves his toys),He put some poor little creature on a small round planet called as earth and let them loose. In due course of time, there was evolution and a screwed up animal was produced who wanted something more than food and shelter. You know, which animal I’m talking about. Ofcourse it is man. The so called human, who has generated innumerous no. of emotions, that he can handle. And out of those emotions, man found the twin brother of LOVE, the INFATUATION. I say they are twins, because there is a thin line between Love and Infatuation, which is hard to distinguish. And it is almost impossible to distinguish for a person who is infatuated and mistakes it for love.

So, is there any way to distinguish between Love and Infatuation? Yes ofcourse! But the way is not visible to the infatuated person, because he/she doesn’t like to accept the truth. I must put an example.

Take for instance, a 14 year old boy begins liking the girl next door, who is 20 years old. For the boy, it is love, but for the girl(if she is proposed) it would be understood as infatuation. Infatuation generates from curiosity. The curiosity to explore, understand, touch and feel the sensation. This is more biological than emotional. There is no commitment involved here. There is no logic, why a person gets infatuated. Infatuation is more in young age which gradually fades out with time and the Gen-Y has found a new word to describe it, “A Crush”.

But, it doesn’t mean that older people don’t get infatuated, but the cases are rare. There are instances where, infatuation culminates in love. The reason behind this is as a person grows old, his psychology, emotions and personality also grow to be mature. But somewhere in his mind the infatuation persists, which always look for a special attention. If it is nurtured further and given a proper direction it grows to be more rational and logical.

(Watch the movies “Malena” and “American Beauty” to have a better picture of infatuation in young and old age.)

Infatuation is like a fruit, half ripened. If the fruit gets the special care and attention from the farmer, it ripens and can be consumed. But, if it is neglected, it goes waste.

When love demands total sacrifice and devotion, infatuation has its base on physical attraction and fulfillment of desires.

And finally I would like to mention a beautiful poem by Oscar Hammerstein.

A bell is no bell ’til you ring it,
A song is no song ’til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn’t put there to stay –
Love isn’t love
‘Til you give it away.