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Zip Ad for SIOM

Have a look at the ad made for SITM.


Wonder La Memories

HI friends, Plz click the link below to have a look at the memorable Wonder La pics. I’ve tried my best to compress the poster size images and upload them in Picasa.

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LIFE @ ISME, Bangalore


It has been close to 4 months since I joined ISME(International School of Management Excellence), Bangalore. The life since has been like a milling machine. The initial 7 days at ISME were for orientation and gave me a brief idea about the overall curriculum. From the day onwards I have been following an utterly hectic lifestyle. ISME offers a 16 months PGPM program in line of Europian B- Schools where you are taught by excellent professors from some of the best B-Schools in India. 12 months are dedicated to class room teaching where as students get 4 months internship in various firms. ISME provides Six Sigma black belt certification which is rarely followed by any other institutes in India. There are three specialization courses provided by ISME. They are Marketing, Finance and IT. HR is about come up next year.

ISME has taken special care to admit students from different parts of the country. The motive behind this is to make students aware of different cultures and practices.

Academics and Activities

One thing the college has ensured is that the students get the best in terms of faculties and it can compete with any of the best B-Schools in India in that respect. We have got a decent library with some of the popular business magazines and journals and a well furnished computer lab. The campus as usual is wi-fi enabled. So you need not worry about internet.

Your communication skills are bound to excel as you would be presenting at least 5-6 presentations per term(2 months). Functional english classes are taken once in a week to put extra effort on those students whose communication skills are not up to standard.

We have till now experienced guest lectures by excellent professionals from some of the  highly reputed companies like Makino India, a 60 year old Japanese company based in Whitefield, Bangalore and Adidas. We have also been addressed by Major Vijay Batra, retired army personnel who also fought in the Kargil war of 1998.

ISME, in order to provide a platform for  co-curricular and extra curricular activities has created academic and literary clubs which arrange team games, quizes, cultural programs etc. in the college. The annual cultural day is celebrated on Diwali every year.

If you are ready to accept challenges and have the passion to excel, ISME is the right place for you. This fast track course will teach you much more than what you expect from most of the B-Schools in India.

Your smile makes my day

You come, smile and go,
I get a reason to cheer up.
You neither talk to me nor do you give a look
But I long to see you over and over again
Coz your smile makes my day.

I don’t like the tint of your specs
As they hide your beautiful eyes, I wish
I could hold your face in my hands and ask
Are you the same who I always cherished in my unfazed memory.
I know, You will never get a hint of these feelings, coz
I will not let you know, but I still wake up every morning with a hope
Coz your smile makes my day.

Nights are lonely now, days are no better
Pricked by a thousand thorns every moment,
I look for succor.
Will I be able to overcome this yearning
Which kills me now and then.
Why can’t I express my mind, why can’t I come over
Why I always end up with a solitude
And ask myself to do me a favor
The best idea would be to kneel down before you
With a rose in my hand,
And convey
That your smile makes my day.

Memories Relived

Am I missing something? Am I succumbing to my own emotional outbursts? Perhaps this can not be denied. The day I went along with my friends of ISME to Laalbagh and Vishweshwaraya Electronics museum, the time I spent there, it reminded me of all those incidents which I happily experienced 4 years before, with some of my old buddies.

Manoj’s smile, Debdipta’s gigle, Satya’s pranks, Dipti’s humour, Ruchi’s fashion fundas, Sagarika’s sunken face, Madhusmita’s unnatural sobs, Sweta’s boldness, Jagdish’s bulging biceps, Srimayee’s coolness, Bijay’s crave for love, Shiba’s wilderness, Krishna’s flamboyance and a little struggle of mine to get a bit closer to some girls who I never talked to before.

Things seemed to be a little out of place for some time. But I’m recovering from them gradually. And the good thing is I’m adapting myself to the changing environment.

But what to do with those incidents, which have filled me with utter disgust, shaken my mind with  unhealthy thoughts? Well, I’m adult enough to restrain from indecent acts, but I’m not strong enough to prevent others from doing these things. I’m especially disturbed because of the remarks passed by my friends to some  of the girls that day. Are not we civilized enough to treat women with respect? Can’t we abstain from commenting each and every move they make? And din’t our parents teach us to be gentle?

In my view, all these things have a direct or indirect relationship with our upbringing. We learn from our surrounding. But that doesn’t mean that we are not exposed to good ideas or environments! The thing is, we take immense pleasure in exploring the other sex. Then there is no difference between dogs and us! We the so called human beings, the best ever productions of the manufacturer called The Almighty have committed all sorts of crimes that are possible in this world. You name it, and we have it! We have  left no stones unturned, yet we are more comfortable in leading a dog’s life.

I’ve not been a great optimist in my life, but atleast I can think of and swear to be a good human being.

It is easy to be evil, but it is not that difficult to be human.